Product News: Inscopix launches nVision System for synchronized acquisition of behavioral movies with in vivo miniscope data

The newly integrated behavioral-miniscope platform was launched through a co-marketing collaboration with Noldus Information Technology

18 Nov 2022

Inscopix, Inc., a neuroscience company helping decode the brain for tomorrow’s treatments, has announced the official release of Inscopix’s new multimodal behavioral technology called the nVisionTM System, at Neuroscience 2022 held in San Diego, California, November 12-16. The new innovation enables single-step synchronization between in vivo neural circuit imaging data from the company’s miniscope-based platforms and animal behavior video recordings, making experimental data collection and analysis easier than ever before for behavioral neuroscientists.

First announced in June 2022 and introduced in early November 2022 as a key product highlight at Neuroscience 2022, the nVision System is capable of the simultaneous capture of high-quality behavior and calcium imaging movies in a single session. The product has been designed to seamlessly integrate with researchers’ local behavioral setups, such as the open field test, elevated plus maze and social interaction tests. Neuroscience researchers can now use it to correlate brain and behavioral activities with unprecedented precision, a first-of-its-kind integrated technology to glean unique insights into brain health and disease. The company has received early positive feedback from select users. “The nVision system is an amazing addition to our miniscope nVueTM system. Not only is it very user friendly and easy to set up and use, but the high-quality camera is super versatile and can be used in multiple different behavior setups and recording angles,” said Dr. Erin Carroll, a postdoctoral scientist working on an intruder paradigm at Dr. Moriel Zelikowsky's Lab at the University of Utah. “It worked great for miniscope focused behavior assays and would even be beneficial to general behavior assays not using miniscopes."

A co-marketing collaboration with Noldus Information Technology, which started in June 2022, encourages nVision customers to add Noldus’ pioneering EthoVision XT video tracking software to the nVision workflow. By plugging in the behavioral video into Noldus’ user-friendly interface, the software is capable of tracking and analyzing the behavior, movement, and activity of the animal being studied.

“As the first and only platform enabling both high-resolution acquisition of behavioral videos and precise synchronization with calcium imaging data, the nVision Platform saves valuable time and effort for our users while avoiding any data loss,” said Kunal Ghosh, Ph.D., CEO of Inscopix. “We’re very excited to release nVision to our community so they can focus their attention on the results and their interpretation, rather than the execution of the experiments.”

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