Product News: Innovative Miniature Lab Equipment for Spectroscopic Sample Prep

10 Apr 2012

As well as the extensive range of Spectroscopy accessories, Specac will be demonstrating two new products at Analytica, the Mini-Pellet Press and Mini Film Maker.

The Mini-Pellet Press is an innovative low cost solution for the pressing of 7mm KBr pellets. Designed for use on a laboratory bench top, this dedicated KBr pellet press enables the user to create consistently high quality KBr pellets for transmission FTIR analysis. This mini-press incorporates a full hydraulic operation enabling the user to apply the required load for sample preparation through the simple rotation of a load knob. It is also available as part of a Basic Solid Pack.

The Mini-Film Maker accessory allows for the formation of thin polymer films of circa 15mm diameter to be prepared at controlled thicknesses of 50um, 100um, 250um and 500um. Polymer or plastic samples that melt at temperatures up to 250°C maximum can be formed into these sizes of films, usually within 5 minutes from initial sample introduction to mounting the formed film into a spectrometer system.

For more information visit Hall A1, booth 538B.