Product News: Increase the speed of your AAV characterization with PROGEN´s AAV Xpress ELISA kits

The kits have been developed based on the traditional PROGEN ELISA kits which have already earned reference standard status in gene therapy centers worldwide

27 Sep 2021

Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) vectors have become one of the most commonly used vectors for gene transfer, representing a promising therapeutic approach to target inherited, genetic diseases, in addition to many others. The gene therapy community, attempting to find treatments for a variety of genetic disorders faces several obstacles such as meeting the requirements from regulatory authorities, as well as the resulting time pressure caused by a rapidly growing market. Furthermore, the limited availability of accurate and reliable methods is one of the many challenges facing the analytical characterization of gene therapy products. 

PROGEN´s mission is to provide high-quality products that help to advance new therapies and develop existing research processes safely, quickly, and affordably for the gene therapy community. Hence, the team at PROGEN developed the AAV Xpress ELISA kit product line, based on their exclusive and well-established, traditional AAV ELISA kits. By adjusting the kit components from the traditional PROGEN ELISA kits without changing the composition of the kit´s core characteristics, the team was able to reduce the Xpress ELISA assay time by more than 50%. The AAV Xpress ELISAs show the same accuracy and reproducibility as the corresponding traditional ELISA kits but save a significant amount of time and allow a higher number of samples to be produced. With just one adaption, it allows a seamless and risk-free transition of users from traditional AAV ELISAs to the Xpress version. 

PROGEN’s AAV ELISA kits and AAV ELISA controls are mainly used for analytical characterization and evaluation of AAV based gene therapy products.  In combination with additional quantification methods characterizing different AAV titers (e.g. genomic titer), PROGEN´s AAV Xpress ELISAs are a robust and reliable tool for the comprehensive characterization of AAV preparations. With faster AAV ELISAs users can rely on the well-established quality of PROGEN´s reagents for accurate titer determination of AAV samples.

Key Features:

•    Results in less than 2 hours
•    Accurate and reliable data
•    Low inter-and intra-lab variability
•    Easy workflow with standardized protocols
•    Available for AAV2, AAV5, AAV6, AAV8, and AAV9
•    Calibrated based on ATCC standard material & PROGEN´s internal gold standard

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