Product News: Increase lab efficiency with Restek’s new Canadian pesticide CRM kit

New pesticide kit helps you conveniently source the exact compounds needed for cannabis analysis

02 Nov 2022

Containing 96 compounds in one kit, Restek’s Canadian pesticide certified reference material (CRM) kits help you conveniently source the exact compounds needed for cannabis analysis. By including only the compounds required by Canadian cannabis regulations, Restek’s new standards eliminate additional complexity incurred by unneeded compounds—streamlining standard preparation to save time and reduce cost.

Two independently manufactured lots with verified lot-to-lot agreement eliminates uncertainty with quality control requirements and reduces time spent on procurement, simplifying lab operations and increasing throughput. In stock and ready to ship, these 100 ppm standards are formulated for maximum stability, minimizing the risk of compound degradation during shipment and storage; ensuring your calibration standards are accurate.

All kit solutions, which may also be purchased individually, are certified reference materials (CRMs) manufactured and QC-tested in Restek’s ISO-accredited labs, satisfying your ISO and quality program requirements. Deactivated glass vials are included with every standard—letting you store unused portions for later use while minimizing compound degradation.

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