Product News: Improved Brightness With New IRDye® 680RD Secondary Antibodies

26 Jan 2012

LI-COR® Biosciences introduces IRDye® 680RD secondary antibodies as the replacement for its current line of IRDye 680 secondary antibodies. The new IRDye 680RD secondary antibodies are optimized for use with the Odyssey® family of imagers and can be used for multiplexing when used with IRDye 800CW secondary antibodies.

“IRDye 680RD secondary antibodies offer improved brightness and low background when compared to IRDye 680 secondary antibodies, giving our customers equal or better results with their research,” says Shawn Mischnick, LI-COR technical product specialist. “This addition to our reagent line continues to offer our customers industry-leading products.”

IRDye 680RD secondary antibodies are suitable for a variety of applications, including Western blots and In-Cell Western™ assays. These antibodies are also suitable for immunofluorescent microscopy and other fluorescent imaging applications when using instrumentation with appropriate excitation and detection capabilities.