Product News: Improve your cell viability with INTEGRA liquid handling solutions

INTEGRA Biosciences offers a range of electronic pipettes, pipetting robots and dispensers tailored to allow gentle pipetting for liquid handling tasks

17 Sep 2021

This equipment is designed to offer enhanced pipetting speed control, limiting the stress placed on cells during handling to improve cell viability. In the first of its cell culture series, INTEGRA tackles the challenge of cell viability, offering guidance for choosing the correct tools to optimize cell culture techniques.

Many vital stages in the cell culture workflow require handling or mixing solutions with a pipette but, if not done with care, this can lead to the shearing of cells at the orifice of the tip. Exposing cells to shearing forces can result in cell lysis and cell death, significantly reducing cell viability and reproducibility. Experts at INTEGRA have developed an extensive range of liquid handling products – from multichannel electronic pipettes to assisted robotic platforms – to help scientists reproducibly culture healthy cells. Electronic pipettes give scientists greater control during cell handling, ensuring consistent, clearly defined pipetting speeds to minimize shearing forces and reduce the influence of user technique as a potential source of variation. The company also offers its renowned GripTip pipette tips in various sizes and styles, including wide bore options with a larger orifice for cells to flow through, further reducing the shearing forces. These innovations are based on years of experience and an appreciation of customers’ needs, ensuring the company remains an all-around trusted supplier and partner for cell biologists.

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