Product News: IDT launches custom enrichment panels for faster and lower cost next-generation sequencing at ASHG 2019

Next-generation sequencing discovery pools enable larger custom panels and low sample numbers to speed up discovery

22 Oct 2019

Integrated DNA Technologies, a leading genomics solutions provider, launches an affordable, rapid and flexible solution for targeted next-generation sequencing at the ASHG 2019 Annual Meeting, Houston, booth 520. NGS Discovery Pools are high quality, individually synthesized, 5’-biotinylated oligo pools designed to enable researchers to rapidly build custom panels at a fraction of the cost compared to conventional panels, making NGS accessible to more stages of research and speeding up projects.   

Dr. Mirna Jarosz, Director of NGS Business Development at IDT, will be giving a presentation on the NGS Discovery Pools on Friday, October 18th at the ASHG. She commented, “At IDT, we understand that for scientists the difference between waiting days versus weeks for high quality reagents can mean everything. In our continued mission to exceed the needs of researchers, we are pleased to launch NGS Discovery Pools. These probes leverage the same high quality platform as our popular and trusted xGen Lockdown Probes and arrive in a matter of days for a fraction of the cost. This will enable our customers to use our high-quality capture technology for smaller projects and in earlier stages where content may still be changing, allowing for a smooth transition to Lockdown Probes as projects are scaled up and validated for clinical use. With this launch, we’re pleased to now be able to offer solutions for the whole precision medicine journey, from discovery to diagnostics.” 

IDT’s xGen Lockdown Probes are already the highest quality solution for target capture, trusted for clinical sequencing globally. The new NGS Discovery Pools offer the quality of individual synthesis at the speed and scale needed for discovery in precision medicine. NGS Discovery Pools enable rapid prototyping which can then be built out into high volume projects with Lockdown Probes. 

Jarosz added, “We’re excited to bring NGS Discovery Pools to market as they are really going to open up NGS. They are an ideal tool for minimal residual disease testing in solid tumors, where small patient-specific panels delivered within days will enable the highest levels of sensitivity required for monitoring therapeutic response.” 

IDT leverages its expertise in oligo manufacturing, combined with its proprietary production platform to permit high quality synthesis of custom capture probes - that are never subjected to the bias and errors that come with amplification. The custom NGS Discovery Pools work straight out of the box, thanks to the 30 years of quality control that has gone into building the best DNA synthesis platforms in the world.

IDT technical experts will be on hand at booth 520 at ASHG 2019 to provide more information on the new NGS Discovery Pools and answer any questions. 

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