Product News: IDBS Announces the Release of InforSense Suite 5.1

23 Feb 2010

IDBS announces the availability of InforSense Suite 5.1, the latest release of its next generation scientific business intelligence solution. InforSense Suite 5.1, a pioneering solution for data integration, analysis and visualization, now offers an even higher level of functionality and usability to empower end users.

New features in InforSense Suite 5.1 allow users to load their own data, add their own views using VisualSense charts, customize the views and share them with other end users. InforSense Suite 5.1 now enables scientists to find services and visualization using a new portal search engine, which enables users to easily view, analyze and retrieve data. Researchers can understand and navigate through large amounts of data quickly and combine data from any source inside or outside an organization, improving sharing and collaboration. By creating an ecosystem of scientists working together, company knowledge and new insights are quickly incorporated into everyone's activities.
In addition, a new connector to the R statistics package enables this powerful platform to be accessed via InforSense Suite 5.1, allowing pre-built and new R algorithms to be used via VisualSense interfaces. This capability is especially useful for the analysis of gene expression experimental results where R is widely used.

"With these improvements to the look, feel and performance of InforSense Suite 5.1, IDBS is providing innovative functionality that empowers bench scientists to interpret data and share it in a visually powerful way with their colleagues and collaborators," said Yike Guo, Chief Innovation Officer at IDBS. "These enhancements enable researchers to be producers of data as well as consumers and, at the same time, remove the reliance on informaticians to carry out their data manipulation and analysis."