Product News: highpreactor – New Reactor Line from BERGHOF

29 Mar 2006

In conjunction with Pittcon, in February, BERGHOF introduced a completely new line of reactors with volumes ranging from 25 ml to 4 litres. The reactors now have a fully modular design and are thus available in a range of materials and sizes.

Naturally, the unique feature of all BERGHOF reactors – the thick-walled PTFE inserts and PTFE linings for use with corrosive media – has been retained, although all reactors are also available as purely stainless steel reactors or made from special alloys. Fittings are also all available in either stainless steel or Hastelloy. The user can easily and quickly remove and reinstall all fittings by hand, e.g. for cleaning. Various stirring techniques are also available, as are a variety of heating techniques.