Product News: Highly Versatile and Fast Single Tube Code Reader

01 Jul 2019

The Micronic Tube Reader DT500 is high-speed storage tube code reading at its best. Attractively designed to enhance your lab space - the DT500 is truly versatile - it reads 1D rack barcodes, 1D barcoded tubes and 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes (in 96-, 48- and 24-well formats) all in less than a second. 

The Micronic Tube Reader DT500 is a plug-and-play reader that requires no software installation and is very easy to use. The read data can be sent to multiple applications due to its proprietary keyboard wedge functionality. Using the keyboard wedge high-end decoding engine ensures that the decoding process is highly reliable thereby producing unmatched data integrity. Designed to increase your productivity - scanning and decoding a tube takes less than one second. An integral light assists easy and unambiguous sample identification.

The extremely compact (72mm x 70mm x 120mm), robust and stable design of the DT500 reader combined with affordable pricing makes it an ideal choice for any laboratory / storage facility requiring high integrity scanning of 1D or 2D Data-Matrix coded storage tubes. The Micronic Tube Reader DT500 incorporates a unique condensation-free scanner plate enabling users to read barcodes simply placed above the transparent plate instead of requiring direct contact with the scanner. The tube reader comes with a 5-year warranty to help minimize its cost of ownership.

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