Product News: HEPA Filtration for the H35 Hypoxystation from Don Whitely Scientific

21 May 2013

Don Whitley Scientific can now supply the H35 Hypoxystation with HEPA filtration for use in specialized cell and tissue culture applications.

HEPA filters are designed to target very small pollutants and particles. These particles adhere to the fiber of the filter through a combination of processes: interception, impaction and diffusion.

The Whitley HEPA Filtration System provides air cleanliness equivalent to or better than international standard ISO 14644-1 (Class 3). This standard forms the basis of the Cell Tissue Culture Directive, which specifies the conditions under which mammalian cells should be handled.

What’s special about the Whitley HEPA filtration system?
• The Whitley system does not, like some others on the market, draw atmosphere out of the chamber through the HEPA filter and then back into the chamber. Such systems have been found to allow the HEPA filter to become saturated. Instead, this system is an internal filtration system where ALL the atmosphere inside the Hypoxystation passes through the HEPA filter every 4 minutes.
• The Whitley system does not use ‘off the shelf’ filters as some manufacturers do but incorporates HEPA filters designed and specified in conjunction with one of the world’s leading filter manufacturers.
• The Whitley HEPA filter can achieve the ‘clean up’ time required by the ISO standard, i.e. that the particulate levels return to Class 3 conditions within 20 minutes following a period of activity.

With a Whitley HEPA Filtration System in your Hypoxystation you can be sure that your tissue and cell cultures are in the best hands.