Product News: Hamilton Robotics Partners with Illumina to Automate Sample Preparation for Next-Generation Sequencing

29 May 2013

Hamilton Robotics, as part of its co-marketing partnership with Illumina, is developing automated solutions for NGS sample preparation that reduce hands-on time, minimize operational variability, and deliver consistent results. Illumina is providing input on the protocols and assay performance. Solutions will include an NGS workstation and methods for Illumina's sample prep kits.

This collaboration will enable customers to seamlessly and completely automate the upstream sample preparation of the NGS workflow using Hamilton's higher-throughput Microlab® STAR pipetting workstation or its affordable, benchtop NIMBUS™ NGS Workstation with Illumina's sample preparation kits. The solutions will be jointly marketed and sold separately.

"Fully automating Illumina's sample prep kits will greatly reduce manual pipetting time and improve library consistency,” said Peter Fromen, Senior Director, Product Marketing and Market Development at Illumina. "We are pleased to see our TruSeq® and Nextera® kits automated on Hamilton's market-leading platforms. Hamilton's methods will make it easier and faster for customers to use automation."

Initial development of Hamilton's NGS workstations will begin with standardized deck placement options and dedicated software with a graphical user interface (GUI) for easy automation setup and simple user control. Hamilton robotic workstations offer outstanding accuracy, precision, and low-volume pipetting, and Hamilton’s verified methods and modular, flexible hardware have led to popular application-based, standard-catalog solutions.

“Hamilton robotic workstations use proprietary pipetting technologies to speed and improve the liquid handling process. Illumina customers will now be able to get started more quickly with pre-designed workstations and software, and they won’t have to deal with complex installations and lead times,” said Dr. Jose Carle, Vice President at Hamilton Robotics.

Methods for TruSeq Total Stranded RNA kits will be developed first and are expected to launch this summer, followed by other methods later in the year.

About the Hamilton Microlab NIMBUS and STAR Workstations: The NIMBUS Workstation is a smaller, personal liquid handling system designed to accommodate all sample prep needs for next-generation sequencers at a more affordable price point, without losing the functionality of the higher-throughput Microlab STAR Workstations.

Products are for life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

TruSeq is a trademark of Illumina, Inc.