Product News: Hamilton Robotics Expands Small Device and Consumable Portfolio to Optimize Automation Workflows

28 Jan 2016

Hamilton Robotics, a leading provider in the design and manufacture of liquid handling solutions, announces new small devices and consumables for the company’s liquid handling workstations. Hamilton continues to expand its small devices and consumables portfolio to deliver more automation options for scientific workflows. At SLAS2015, the company introduced the [MPE]2, an automated positive pressure SPE and evaporation module, and a small-footprint, Automated Plate Sealer. The new innovations for 2016 are: the Media Fill Module, Liquid Verification Kit (LVK) and the HMotion. The expansion of the consumables portfolio includes 50 μL and 300 μL clear, CO-RE Tips.

The Media Fill Module incorporates new technology to improve the automation of cell culture processes. The device features a disposable, sterile fluid path to reduce the risk of contaminating cells. No decontamination is required because the fluid path is replaced after each use. Laboratories can now confidently automate the media fill process, with sterility, and maximize productivity.

The LVK provides a gravimetric balance kit and software to develop, optimize and verify liquid handling on Hamilton’s liquid handling platforms. The LVK can be used to create customized liquid classes, as well as verification of liquid classes, providing assurance that the system is in compliance with laboratory-defined acceptance criteria.

The HMotion is a small-footprint, robotic arm designed for precise labware transportation. The benchtop-integrated arm provides fast, reproducible access between Hamilton liquid handling workstations and third party devices. With easy integration and user-friendly setup, the HMotion increases walkaway time and improves laboratory workflows.

“As laboratories look to streamline processes and increase efficiency, automation is a natural solution. Our team of scientific leaders works in concert with our field applications specialists and customers to identify needs and quickly bring new products to the market,” said Debbie Bowers, VP of Robotic Operations for Hamilton. “These new products illustrate our commitment to helping customers completely automate more workflows. Hamilton is truly automating the imagination of the scientific community.”

In addition to the exhibition at SLAS2016, Hamilton Robotics was selected to present the company’s latest technological innovation at the “Late Night with LRIG: Rapid-Fire Innovation Session,” on Monday, January 25th from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in room 6D of the San Diego Convention Center. Garrett Voss, senior product manager for Hamilton, will present “[MPE]2: The Next Era in Automated Sample Preparation.”