Product News: Greiner Bio-One announces online training portal for CLiP and SWiTCH safety catheters

19 Feb 2021

Greiner Bio-One is happy to announce the launch of a new online training portal for CLiP® and SWiTCH automatic safety IV and arterial catheters.

The platform provides easily accessible training modules for health care professionals working with IV and arterial catheters. Here you can find specially designed product training programs for the following products – CLiP® Neo, CLiP® Winged, CLiP® Ported, and SWiTCH.

The first four training modules contain an introduction to the product and its intended use, specific product features, and guidance to handling and maintenance. The modules also provide a comprehensive Q&A, downloads of product sheets and IFUs, and a recommended literature list.


  • Free 24h access to training at your convenience
  • Adaptions to your preferred device
  • Hands-on guidance to product handling
  • Individual training certificates (available Q2 2021)

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