Product News: Greater Flexibility and Variety: Further Development of the Berghof Highpreactor High Pressure Reactors

17 Mar 2009

The highpreactor high pressure reactors of the BR series are the convincing answer to present-day demands in synthesis laboratories. The reactors are characterised by the greater flexibility of their equipment, more convenient operation and simple handling. These are advantages that permit the user to work easily and efficiently in everyday routing laboratory work.

New heating and agitating systems and the new BTC-3000 control unit all contribute towards this. Besides controlling temperatures, they also record the agitation speed and the internal pressure as well as providing the option to record all data directly using the PC. Programs that run for up to 17 days can be compiled for the synthesis process. These can be shown directly on the graphic display of the control device, even without a PC.

The highpreactor high pressure reactors make a broad spectrum of applications feasible in the laboratory thanks to their modular capacity, which ranges from 25 to 5,000 ml. The unique PTFE lining on the reactors prevents metal parts from coming into contact with corrosive media and represents an affordable alternative to nickel alloys. Quick-release chains and replaceable valves further simplify how to handle them.