Product News: Genomics, Proteomics and In Vivo Imaging Systems from UVP at AACR

27 Mar 2013

Visit UVP's booth 902 at AACR in Washington DC to see the wide range of BioImaging Systems for gel, blot and in vivo imaging applications plus ultraviolet and laboratory products.

The iBox® Explorer™2 Imaging Microscope enables brilliant resolution macro to micro technology for fluorescence in vivo animal imaging. The iBox Explorer provides breakthrough advances with dual lighting and software-controlled objectives for imaging of whole animals, tissue margins to individual cells. Stop by UVP's booth to learn about a webinar which discusses In Vivo imaging applications.

The GelMax™ Imager is designed for fast, easy imaging of precast and mini gels. The GelMax accommodates a wide range of precast and mini gels up to 11.5 x 16cm in size. Illuminate, capture and analyze gels with this easy to use system. "The new GelMax precast and mini gel imager allows researchers to quickly achieve brilliant color, picture-perfect, publication-quality images in a small, simple package. With the increasing popularity of precast gels in the lab, the GelMax is the latest in a long line of gel/blot imaging innovations from UVP," reports Alexander Waluszko, Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

The ChemiDoc-It®TS2 Imager enables quick and simple image capture with the touch of the screen. The integrated computer, touch screen and exclusive capture software simplify workflow for imaging of chemiluminescent, fluorescent and colorimetric gels and blots. Users of the system can optimize gel and chemiluminescent blot imaging with the highly sensitive megapixel resolution, cooled CCD camera. View low light samples in the light-tight darkroom which creates an optimum environment for chemiluminescent blots. No film required for chemiluminescent western blot imaging.

UVP will also feature additional BioImaging Systems including the BioSpectrum® 810 Imaging System. Achieve enhanced image capture with the dynamic 8.1 megapixel high resolution and high sensitivity capabilities. Researchers can capture not only fluorescence gel images, they can also be assured of camera sensitivity and efficient ultra-cooled technology, which permits superior capture of chemiluminescent western blots. The GelDoc-It® series imagers are for high resolution gel imaging and analysis. Select from imagers with a built-in computer/touch screen or an external computer/monitor. Perform basic gel documentation with the BioDoc-It® Imaging System, a compact stand-alone unit with built-in touch screen.

UVP manufactures a large selection of ultraviolet products. The UV lamps feature handheld, high intensity, inspection and bench models in portable and wall powered models. Miniature Pen-Ray® Light Sources are available in custom and standard configurations for uses including fluorescence, inspection, analytical and sterilization applications. Ultraviolet products include a large selection of UV transilluminators, UV crosslinkers and UV cabinets plus UV intensity meters for measuring the useful life of a UV source.

Additional UVP products include HEPA/UV PCR hoods and workstations. HEPA systems feature four-stage filter system for eliminating contamination. Precision heated hybridization ovens include the unique HL-2000 HybriLinker features a hybridization oven and UV crosslinker chambers in one unit for maximizing procedures.