Product News: Fully Automated O2 Calibration System Launched from Don Whitley Scientific

21 Jul 2015

Don Whitley Scientific Limited announces the launch of a fully automated oxygen calibration system for Whitley Workstations. This solution will help users to calibrate their workstation efficiently and easily, and so improve the accuracy of experimental data.

 The Whitley Automated Calibration System (patent pending) is very user friendly – touching a couple of icons on the colour touchscreen activates the routine and no further user intervention is required. Calibration takes just eight minutes to complete, with readings taken at two points – 0% oxygen and 20.9% oxygen levels. Users do not have to enter the chamber at all.

 The oxygen sensor is not removed for calibration so the sensor remains within a stable environment and is not subjected to any changes in humidity and temperature when a calibration routine is conducted. Leaving the sensor in place prevents the risk of condensation forming on the component, which could affect its sensitivity, accuracy and life.

 The system can be set to prompt the user when the next calibration is due (from 7 - 21 days). Don Whitley Scientific recommends that calibration is conducted every two weeks. Full training, confirming how easy the routine is to perform, is provided during the workstation installation procedure.

 This automated calibration routine is currently available on the Whitley H135 Hypoxystation.