Product News: FOx BIOSYSTEMS launches its new generation biosensor with fiber-optic surface plasmon resonance

The White FOx aims to bring maximum flexibility, control, and insight to diagnostic development, life science and (bio)pharmaceutical research

25 Mar 2021

FOx BIOSYSTEMS has announced the launch of their novel biosensor, the White FOx. Through recent collaborations with scientists and engineers, on a range of EU projects, FOx BIOSYSTEMS have created a robust, low maintenance, easy-to-use instrument capable of delivering precise results in real time.

The White FOx’s innovative fiber-optic probe setup combines a fluidics-free dip-in protocol with the precision and speed of SPR. This approach eliminates the risk of clogging when using complex samples such as lysates, whole blood or large particles. The probes use a generic surface chemistry and can be switched easily to allow the detection of different target molecules, including antibodies, nanobodies, microvesicles, phage and small molecules, with a single device.

A wide range of applications make the White FOx the ideal option for any life science or biopharmaceutical research lab. Kinetic affinity analysis, label free biomolecule quantification and fast specific and ultra-sensitive sandwich assays are all possible, even in complex samples.

Thomas van Elzakker, CEO of FOx BIOSYSTEMS commented:

“I am very proud of our team’s achievement in creating an all-in-one, easy-to-use benchtop instrument that can overcome current limitations in bioanalytics. Our new White FOx not only offers a convenient solution to many of today’s challenges but will also be key in revealing new data, helping scientists to reach their goals more quickly. For this, I am grateful to our investors, collaborators and highly motivated team. The launch of our new White FOx is also an opportunity to put the spotlight on this great product via a brand-new website. We look forward to welcoming you online and invite you to follow us via the website or LinkedIn for more exciting news in the near future.”

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