Product News: Fluidigm launches new Biomark X microfluidics platform

The new microfluidics platform, Biomark X, has a broad menu of applications and promises to streamline operations to reduce hands-on time

12 Nov 2021

Fluidigm Corporation, a biotechnology tools provider with a vision to improve life through comprehensive health insight, has announced the launch of Biomark™ X, the latest generation of its Biomark microfluidics platform. 

Biomark X integrates the Fluidigm® Juno™ and Biomark HD instruments into a single platform while adding an expansive set of sample-to-answer capabilities on a single versatile, scalable and transformative genomics platform.

Biomark X simplifies workflows, streamlines operations to reduce hands-on time, and accelerates results with more data per run. 

“Accurate and reproducible data is essential for discovery and applied research applications that utilize real-time PCR,” said Chris Linthwaite, President and CEO. “Today we are taking our formidable microfluidics platform to the next level with Biomark X, minimizing hands-on time and allowing researchers to focus on the key questions that matter most. The system can significantly reduce labor costs and provides a rapid sampleto-answer capability, which is increasingly critical across the genomic testing landscape. 

“We believe Biomark X will be invaluable to a broad range of customers, including current and future partners, encompassing pharmaceutical, contract research organization and academic labs, while delivering a next-generation solution for clinical research labs that are on the front lines fighting diseases and emerging pathogens,” said Linthwaite. “Biomark X offers multiple value propositions to maximize the value Biomark X brings to our customers, and we are offering a concierge program for customization of workflows. We welcome inbound inquiries to expand our growing networks of partners.” 

“The subject of a phased launch with deliveries expected to commence in the first quarter of 2022, Biomark X is the latest product introduction aligning with our Vision 2025 innovation objectives, coming just five months after the launch of CyTOF® XT, the fourth-generation platform using our pioneering CyTOF technology. We are immensely proud of the role we expect both of these advanced platforms to play in answering today’s most important questions in biology and human health.” 

Biomark X is an intuitive and integrated system that performs a variety of tasks, including genotyping, sample ID, strain ID, conservation biology, personal genomics, gene expression, pathogen detection, pharmacogenomics assays, and transplant prognostics. 

The new platform supports development and creation of custom assays, providing a wide range of testing and investigation options and the ability to scale the number of targets based on need.

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