Product News: Flow Robotics and Automata collaborate to provide end-to-end lab automation

The technology aims to enable laboratories to use as little hands-on time as possible on pipetting tasks

28 Jan 2022

Automation of various pipetting tasks is something many laboratories consider a sensible investment as it increases throughput and helps reduce work-related injuries, achieve greater accuracy, avoid human errors, and allows staff to focus on more valuable work.

End-to-end automation takes an extra step and enables laboratory staff to use as little hands-on time as possible.

Flow Robotics and Automata have teamed up and integrated the liquid handling robot, flowbot® ONE, with the robot arm, Eva. This constitutes a workflow where Eva can tend to flowbot® ONE by switching its racks continuously while it performs pipetting tasks.

“The value of implementing end-to-end automation workflows in the laboratory is everything from increased walk-away time to helping laboratories’ most valuable asset, which is people,” Oscar Cutts, Sales Executive at Automata, explains and adds;

“Other values include increased throughput and making best use of the equipment, you have already invested in, by ensuring that it can work for you whenever you need it.”

“When integrated with 3rd party devices such as Eva, the flowbot® ONE allows laboratories to use as little hands-on time as possible on pipetting tasks and helps the workers utilize their talents on more valuable work,” says CTO Steen Vester of Flow Robotics.

“We share Flow Robotics’ vision of supplying cost effective, flexible automation to laboratories and creating user-friendly solutions,” says Oliver Pilsbury-Gaunt, Head of Partnerships at Automata, when asked about the collaboration.

Together the companies strive to assist laboratories with reaching their full potential from behind the scenes.

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