Product News: First demonstration of the new Systec H-Series at Medica 2019

Together with Evidencia GmbH, Systec presents autoclaves & validation processes, including the HX-150 Autoclave

06 Nov 2019

From the 18th to 21st November, emerging companies will present their technologies and processes at Medica 2019, Düsseldorf. Systec, a leading manufacturer of laboratory autoclaves, and its partner company Evidencia GmbH will again be part of the action this year. While Evidencia will introduce innovative concepts for qualifying and validating equipment and sterilization processes, there is particularly eager anticipation this year at Systec of the launch of their first product from the redesigned Systec H-Series: the new and improved Systec HX-150 autoclave.

More efficient work with the new generation of autoclaves.

The Systec HX-150 autoclave is the world's first device from the new, improved Systec H-Series – a new generation of autoclaves in a new design, with a completely overhauled interior, and a touchscreen control that has been newly developed from scratch. This combination guarantees more precise work, easier to maintain equipment, and up to 25% faster autoclaving processes.

In addition, the new autoclaves come with an Ethernet port as standard and optional Wi-Fi hardware to optimise updating processes, remote maintenance, and remote control of the devices via a computer network. An integrated USB port allows the automated export of documentation data in CSV or PDF format. The volume of the extended internal memory also allows storage of up to 10 years of documentation data. This eliminates the need for separate programs for documentation and archiving that are the otherwise necessary. This integrated documentation function is also interesting from a regulatory point of view, because the new generation of the Systec H- Series thereby automatically fulfils an essential point of the FDA guideline 21 CFR Part 11. Additional features of the series also serve in this regard to satisfy regulatory requirements from the pharmaceutical industry, such as automatically distributed, tamper-proof signatures for the PDF and CSV files that are generated, and the tracking of all actions, adjustments, and alerts using AuditTrail.

Systec and Evidencia partner again at Medica 2019

In addition to the new generation of autoclaves, visitors of Medica 2019 can, of course, also take a closer look at many other Systec devices. These include not only autoclaves, but also advanced media preparators and the Systec Mediafill dispensing and dosing system. In the Evidencia GmbH area, interested parties will again find services for the reliable and efficient qualification of laboratory equipment. Both companies can be found in their "regular spot" at Medica 2019 in Hall 3, Stand A35.

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