Product News: Filter Plugs for Contamination-Free Pipetting

10 Nov 2017

iNLABTEC AG has introduced Universal Pipette Filter Plugs designed to provide a final barrier to protect the internal components of your pipettes from contamination due to accidental splashes during pipetting, foaming samples or aerosolized vapors. 

As well as offering a cost-effective alternative to filter tips, the flexible foam design of Inlabtec pipette filter plugs offer the unique versatility to fit into any brand of pipette with cone opening of 3 - 4.5 mm.

Ernst Freydl, CEO of iNLABTEC AG, commented "Our new universal filter plugs are made from flexible foam which allows their insertion in many different pipette brands in much the same way that soft ear plugs fit into different sized ear canals to protect against high sound pressure. The autoclavable foam we use has a high adsorption rate and has absolutely no effect on pipette accuracy".

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He added "We developed the universal filter plugs originally for users of our Inlabtec Serial Diluter which is used by microbiology labs around the world. However, for almost any pipetting application - Inlabtec pipette filter plugs offer an easy, reliable and cost-effective way to keep the body of your pipette clean and like as filter tips minimize the risk of false results caused by cross-contamination".