Product News: Fast, Efficient and Competitive Pipetting with CyBi®-SELMA at LabAutomation 2010

20 Jan 2010

CyBio will present its new fast, precise and robust semi-automatic pipettor, CyBi®-SELMA. With 96 disposable tips, all 96- and 384-well microplate formats can be filled quickly and adjustments such as dispense height, volume and pipetting speed are memorized, retrievable and changeable for regular use. To learn more visit booth 351.

All aspirate and dispense steps are executed by the renowned and reliable CyBio technology which has been deployed in the High Throughput Screening very successfully for more than 15 years with guaranteed reproducible results.

CyBi®-SELMA is amazingly easy to use via a modern touch screen. Automatic tip tightening avoids laborious adjustments, and preloaded tips trays guarantee rapid execution within seconds. Custom-racked tip magazines enable the omission of individual columns and thus, give the user more options to create dispense patterns specific to their assay requirements.

“You can leave the trustworthy CyBi®-SELMA to perform your monotonous and time-consuming daily pipetting routines. Due to the intuitive user interface complex training is not necessary. This means many different users can utilize the instrument. Thus, a relatively low investment cost will have been amortized quickly,” explains Thomas Moore, CTO of the CyBio AG and responsible for development and sales.

Due to its modern design CyBi®-SELMA is an eye-catcher in the lab and with its compact dimensions it fits on the lab bench easily as well as in any laminar flow box without disrupting the air handling.