Product News: Extract DNA or RNA From Any Water Sample

13 Jul 2010

MO BIO announces a range of solutions designed to extract high quality DNA or RNA from water samples. The range includes a PowerWater® DNA Isolation Kit, PowerWater® RNA Isolation Kit, RapidWater® DNA Isolation Kit and UltraClean® Water DNA Isolation Kit.

• PowerWater® DNA Isolation Kit: Contains IRT for high quality DNA from turbid water and 5ml bead beating tubes for more effective recovery from water filters
• PowerWater® RNA Isolation Kit: Isolate high quality RNA from any water sample
• RapidWater® DNA Isolation Kit: Quick and easy isolation of DNA from non-turbid water
• UltraClean® Water DNA Isolation Kit: MO BIO’s original water DNA isolation kit 

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*Samples are not available for the PowerWater® RNA Isolation Kit.