Product News: European ScreeningPort Uses ActivityBase XE to Deliver Industry Standard Screening Services

08 Jan 2010

IDBS today announced that European ScreeningPort GmbH has selected ActivityBase XE to manage the growing demand for use of their screening services by academic partners. As the industry standard for all pharmaceutical screening data, ActivityBase XE provides the essential quality and management capabilities required to deliver commercial quality screening results.

European ScreeningPort, based in Hamburg, Germany, is a public-private partnership that offers contract research services to academic institutes and universities across Europe. The company performs bioassay development and validation, primary screening of small molecules, high content screening for secondary and selectivity assays, and bioinformatics and virtual screening for academic partners.

ActivityBase XE provides a powerful and intuitive user environment for plate based screening, data analysis and decision support. It allows scientists to capture, visualize, analyze, quality check and verify data within the same environment, streamlining workflow and optimizing productivity. As the most established and highly regarded screening solution, ActivityBase XE gives current and future clients of European ScreeningPort the assurance of quality results and highly curated data.

"We needed a solution with a broad range of capabilities and extensive analysis tools for screening compounds," said Dr Sheraz Gul, Vice President and Head of Biology at European ScreeningPort. "After assessing a number of data management applications, ActivityBase XE was chosen for its versatility and ease of use. The solution delivers the essential level of professional output and quality required for our screening activities and ensures appropriate data integrity. ActivityBase XE is used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry and we believe using this application provides us with a high level of credibility."

"Working with European ScreeningPort, IDBS is providing a platform for effective scientific collaboration between academic research and the pharmaceutical industry, enabling a unique network of partners to combine their scientific knowledge, technical expertise and industry experience," said Neil Kipling, founder and CEO of IDBS. "This decision by European ScreeningPort affirms the ActivityBase Suite's continued status as a gold standard industry application."