Product News: Eppendorf Research® plus single-channel pipette

14 May 2009

The latest version of the Eppendorf Research® plus single-channel pipette weighs only 71 g (lightest version of fix volume pipette) – a real relief if you have to perform multiple dispensing operations in your daily routine.

Conventional pipettes weigh up to 125 g and thus subject the muscles to unnecessary strain. Apart from the low weight, the extremely low power needed to operate the new generation of Eppendorf pipettes makes them incredibly easy to use: only 1.2 - 1.5 N is needed to move the control button. Conventional pipettes require up to 6 N and are therefore significantly harder to operate. These two innovative enhancements so significantly improve the ergonomics of the Research® plus that it sets entirely new standards in manual pipetting.

No concessions must be made to precision and correctness. Once again, the Hamburg-based pipette manufacturers are delivering renowned Eppendorf quality.

The product was recently (March 2009) awarded the "red dot award for product design 2009".

The red dot award has been presented annually since 1955 and honors exceptional design achievements for industrial products worldwide. It is one of the most renowned designer competitions in the world.