Product News: Eppendorf Expand Range of Liquid Handling Instruments with the Reference® 2 pipette

08 Aug 2013

Eppendorf has introduced the new Reference® 2 pipette to its range of liquid handling instruments. The Reference® 2 is the successor to the highly successful Reference® pipette, and enhances the range’s already high standards with a new design, reduced weight and operating forces and multi-channel versions. As the premium product in Eppendorf’s pipette portfolio, the Reference® 2 provides the most accurate results possible alongside robust, reliable handling and optimum user safety. These levels of security make the Reference® 2 ideal for use with precious liquids, or in any application requiring extremely high levels of accuracy.

The Reference® 2 ensures complete traceability through the use of an embedded RFID chip containing all of the instrument’s relevant data, including serial number and certificate of conformity. Furthermore, a serial number printed on multiple components of the pipette prevents parts from being mixed up and indicates if one of the volume defining parts has been exchanged. Vital reproducibility is guaranteed by the channel indicator incorporated into the multi-channel version of the Reference® 2. This promises a continuously identical pipette alignment during the work process. The pipette also provides highly flexible use, with the ability to remove single cones, and easy maintenance.

The combination of one-button technology and spring loaded tip cone makes the Eppendorf Reference® 2 exceptionally easy and quick to use. The pipette achieves quick tip ejection with active aerosol reduction, and reduces the possibility of repetitive strain injury by eliminating the need to move your thumb sideways.

When there can be no compromise on quality and precision, Eppendorf’s new Reference® 2 is an ideal instrument for these liquid handling applications