Product News: Endogenics Offers Services for Multiscale Modeling of Cellular Processes and Simulation of the Development, Dynamic Organization, and Function of Living Tissue

26 Mar 2010

The models incorporate both detailed and abstract representations of cellular pathways such as signal transduction, metabolism, and gene expression, and so are suitable for studying tissue growth, interactions with the microenvironment, differentiation, lineage commitment, and other cell- or tissue-level processes.

Integrating computer modeling and wet-bench approaches also enables design of genetically-modified cells and development of engineered cell lines with unique physiological properties using evolutionary search methods coupled with other techniques, including those listed below:

  • analysis of data from individual cells, cell populations, or virtual tissues
  • building, testing, & refinement of cell regulatory networks
  • gene alterations (e.g., knockouts, knockdowns)
  • micromanipulation (e.g., injections, cell ablations)
  • optimization of synthetic network architecture