Product News: Easy, Efficient and Economical Gel Documentation with the New GelDoc-It®e Imager

07 Mar 2013

UVP, LLC announces the release of the new GelDoc-It®e Imager -- designed for fast, easy imaging of fluorescent and colorimetric gels. The GelDoc-Ite accommodates a wide range of gel sizes on the integrated UV transilluminator. According to Mike Capps, UVP’s Marketing Product Manager, "The new GelDoc-Ite Imager provides researchers with a resourceful and economical system for gel imaging and documentation. The hardware features facilitate ease of use for the researcher. Side access doors are conveniently located for cutting or moving gels, a UV-safe gel viewer window enables viewing of illuminated gels, and a camera and zoom lens configuration captures large gels or zooms in on details."

Easily illuminate samples with a choice of transilluminator for maximizing fluorophore stain excitation. A unit with midrange 302nm UV is for viewing ethidium bromide (EtBr) and other stains, while the 3UV model provides user-selectable 302, 365 and 254nm excitation. An EtBr emission filter is included as standard with the GelDoc-Ite, while a variety of optional emission filters are available to suit various imaging applications.

The modular design of the GelDoc-Ite enables placement of converter plates onto the UV transillumination surface, converting midrange UV to specific wavelengths for illumination of a variety of stains. The Visi-Blue™ Converter _late converts the UV to 460-470nm blue light for viewing stains such as SYBR Green, SYBR Safe and GelGreen. When white light transillumination is required, the White Light Converter Plate can be used for viewing gels such as Coomassie Blue and Silver stain.

The GelDoc-Ite simplifies imaging with the intuitive, workflow-based VisionWorks®LS software. Easy-to-use one-touch buttons enable fast image acquisition, while the software effortlessly controls the scientific grade CCD camera which captures high quality, publication-ready images. Researchers can conduct 1D analysis and generate extensive quantitative data using molecular weight, histograms, lane profile graphs and other tools. Once analysis is complete, exporting result data to Excel and other programs for documentation and publication is accomplished with software's integrated export tools.

With its compact size, the GelDoc-Ite Imager greatly reduces lab bench space requirements. The system is a true plug-and-play gel imager, requiring little to no user training. Its efficient design enables researchers to easily view gels using multiple light sources, quickly capture and save publication-quality images, and analyze lanes and bands. It is the only gel imager researchers will need for fluorescent, colorimetric and blue light imaging of a wide variety of gels.