Product News: DNASTAR releases Lasergene 17.2 software

19 Nov 2020

DNASTAR® has announced the release of Lasergene® 17.2, which includes significant updates to the sequence assembly applications within the Lasergene software suite.

In response to customer feedback, DNASTAR has fully integrated the SeqMan® NGen application into SeqMan® Ultra, greatly improving the workflow experience for both Sanger and NGS sequence assemblies. Users performing sequence assemblies can now go from streamlined project setup to finished assembly all in one application.

For users working with Sanger sequencing data, Lasergene 17.2 offers many improvements to SeqMan Ultra, including the ability to preview and trim trace data prior to assembly, better access to an extensive built-in vector trimming database, and the ability to easily export an image of the assembly for collaboration or publication.

For those doing NGS assembly, Lasergene 17.2 includes an updated Variant Annotation Database to enrich the analysis of variants detected in human resequencing data. These updates include dbNSFP version 4.1, new allele and gene frequencies, and a new integration with Mastermind, the comprehensive database of genomic literature from Genomenon.

Shawn Grass, Interim General Manager at DNASTAR, said, “With the release of Lasergene 17.2, DNASTAR continues its 36 year legacy of helping researchers perform a wide variety of genomics and molecular biology workflows by creating leading-edge software that is customizable while also being easy-to-use.

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