Product News: Diversify your antibody portfolio with PROGEN antibodies

13 Sep 2021

PROGEN is an established antibody manufacturer and has been producing high-quality antibodies for biomedical research since 1983. PROGEN’s antibody portfolio consist of a wide range of tissue and tumor-specific primary antibodies for basic research and clinical diagnostics as well as secondary antibodies and tag antibodies for different research areas. 

Based in Heidelberg, PROGEN was founded in 1983 as a spin-off from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and the University of Heidelberg. Starting as a pioneer antibody manufacturer, PROGEN has become a globally operating biotech company and a reliable partner for academia, biotech and pharma. 

The ability to generate reproducible data using reliable antibodies is an urgent need of the scientific community. PROGEN’s mission is to provide high quality products that help develop existing research processes safely, quickly and affordably for the life science community. They strive to understand what scientists need, in order to create solutions and ultimately deliver high quality antibodies, which solve research challenges within academia, biotech and pharma. 

PROGEN products are aiding in the advancement of research and development in both academia and industry. Their goal is to provide well-established and reliable antibodies that fuel the biopharmaceutical and diagnostic progress along the complete value chain – from basic research, to manufacturing and quality control. 

Key features:

  • Established manufacturer since 1983
  • DIN ISO 13485 certified company since 2010
  • Highly published and well-trusted antibodies 
  • Reliable partner for academia, biotech and pharma

Relevant applications:

  • Biomedical and cell biology research
  • Cancer research
  • Clinical diagnostics & prognostics, esp. tumors
  • Pathology, esp. tumors

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