Product News: Discover DeNovix Solutions for Sample Quantification

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11 Apr 2016

DeNovix will showcase their broad range of compact, bench-top instruments for sample quantification including fluorescence, microvolume UV-Vis absorbance and integrated spectrophotometer / fluorometer instruments. Based on a custom Android™ operating platform, all units are stand-alone with Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB connections to allow powerful and flexible handling of data.

The DS-11 rapidly quantifies 0.5 – 1.0 µL samples of nucleic acids and proteins. DeNovix EasyApps® for quantification of DNA, ssDNA, RNA, purified proteins, labelled proteins, and other spectrophotometric measurements come pre-installed.

The combination of DeNovix FX Series instruments and DeNovix assay technology provides an analytical package that removes existing barriers to the limit of detection of fluorescence quantification. The launch of the DeNovix Ultra High Sensitivity dsDNA assay brings a 20-fold improvement in sensitivity over commonly used assays, allowing detection between 0.5 and 300 pg/µL.

A robust 2-point standard curve and simple mix-and-measure assay protocol delivers rapid, error-free set up. Full integration into the DeNovix EasyApps® software, pre-installed on all DS-11 FX instruments means sample measurement, data analysis and exporting in less than 2 seconds per sample.

The DS-11 FX+ Series enables outstanding quantification performance via UV-Vis absorbance and fluorescence. Options include four color choices and four models which incorporate single-mode or multi-mode microvolume, cuvette and fluorescence functionality.