Product News: Cytek Biosciences debuts optimized immunoprofiling kit

Flow cytometry innovator’s cFluor Reagents now packaged together as a simplified solution for multicolor panels

16 Dec 2020

It just became easier, faster, and more efficient to profile the human immune system. Cytek Biosciences, one of the leading providers of cell analysis solutions, has introduced a 14-color immunoprofiling kit. Featuring a unique combination of optimized, titered markers in one box, Cytek’s kit simplifies panel design and data analysis, shortening the time needed for researchers to go from biological question to answer.

All panel design considerations were done by Cytek’s scientists, creators of the world’s first 40 color flow cytometry panel. They identified and specifically chose Cytek’s cFluorTM reagents that work optimally together in a multicolor environment. Cytek’s new immunoprofiling kit is the culmination of the Cytek team’s years of experience pioneering the use of full-spectrum cytometry to dive deeper into the human immune system than ever before.

The complexities are inherent in the human immune system present one of the biggest challenges facing researchers. Flow cytometers have become a standard tool in immunotherapy research, due to their ability to profile several cell subsets in a single assay of whole blood. Cytek’s cFluor reagents are all validated on its Cytek® Aurora and Cytek® Northern Lights cell analysis systems, ensuring optimal performance for its users in a multicolor environment.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Validated across the full spectrum – all cFluor reagents have been fully tested for highly refined profiles of dye performance across all lasers, accurate unmixing and optimal performance in a multicolor format.
  • Optimized – easy sample preparation using titered reagents combined with pre-populated software templates for simplified data analysis.
  • Reproducible – standardization in production, analysis and across systems removes one more area of potential variability in biological assays.
  • Expandable – gives the opportunity to add more colors and more markers on top of the 14-color kit. The Cytek team is available to help determine how to best go about adding more fluorochromes and markers for a more comprehensive look at the human immune system.

“From figuring out the right combination of markers for a particular study to determining the dilution of antibodies for accurate saturation and more, optimizing a multicolor panel is a complicated task,” said Dr. Wenbin Jiang, CEO of Cytek Biosciences. “Offering our cFluor reagents in a kit format greatly streamlines this process and is the natural next step in our transition into a complete solution provider for the cell analysis market.”

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