Product News: CyBi ® -SELMA – Your Personal Pipetting Assistant

16 Mar 2015

The CyBi ® -SELMA is a semi-automatic electronic pipette, equipped with 96 or 384 parallel working tips with a volume range from 500 nl to 1 ml. Based on CyBio’s well proven tip sealing technology, CyBi ® -SELMA offers error free and reproducible results. Automatic tip tightening avoids laborious adjustments and preloaded CyBi ® -TipTrays guarantee rapid execution within seconds. An open design allows the processing of any 96- or 384-well microplates as well as the use of accessories like shakers.


  • Semi-automatic electronic pipette with 96- or 384-channels with a volume range from 500 nl to 1 ml
  • Intuitive operation via multilingual touch screen (German, English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian)
  • Comfortable selection of different pipetting parameters and saving of methods
  • Processing of individual columns and dilution series
  • Integration of accessories like shakers

Thanks to its intuitive touch screen user interface, CyBi ® -SELMA is amazingly easy to operate. All manual operating tasks such as tip change or plate change are shown on the display. In addition any kind of liquid handling parameters like volume and pipetting speed can be adjusted.