Product News: Custom Solutions for Life Sciences and Molecular Diagnostics

01 Nov 2017

QIAGEN has announced the launch of its Custom Solutions business, extending its commitment to providing life sciences and molecular diagnostics companies with the tools and expertise required to quickly build and commercialize products that meet unique workflow requirements. QIAGEN’s new business integrates a sizable business scale, dozens of long-standing partnerships into a strong, integrated unit that offers custom and OEM sample technologies, oligo and enzyme product options for PCR, qPCR and next-generation sequencing (NGS) product development as well as a broad range of other platform technologies.

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Due to recent advances in genomic sciences and precision medicine, companies are faced with increasing customer demand for more flexible, scalable and affordable molecular biology products. In their efforts to keep pace with technology innovation, many life sciences and molecular diagnostic companies face significant barriers to entry defined by the investment and time needed to develop a new product. QIAGEN Custom Solutions enables companies to overcome those challenges by providing a number of important benefits to its customers:

  • Deep domain expertise – The company has more than 30 years of life science and diagnostic industry experience.
  • Long-standing history as an OEM supplier of choice for molecular solutions - The OEM franchise at QIAGEN is a substantial part of our overall business and spans dozens of deep and long-standing partnerships.
  • Thousands of flexible product capabilities – Expansive high-quality product options that directly support product development, ranging from single components to full workflow solutions, including product kitting and packaging
  • World-class facilities and quality systems – Four production sites, GMP and ISO certifications, excellent process control and QC/QA capabilities
  • Affordability and scalability – Cost-effective options that significantly lower the barrier to entry for start-ups and provide economy of scale to large enterprises
  • Continuous innovation and reinvestment – Approximately 10 percent of its sales have been reinvested in R&D that helps support the new Custom Solutions business, the success of this reinvestment is evidenced by more than 2,000 patents awarded to QIAGEN.
  • Confidentiality – A series of well-established firewalls protect partner confidentiality, ensuring no leakage outside the OEM franchise.

“QIAGEN is proud to serve as an enabler to life science and molecular diagnostics companies to allow them to build high-quality custom products that meet the most demanding workflow requirements,” said Hans Peter Fatscher, Ph.D., vice president and head of QIAGEN Custom Solutions. “We are excited by the opportunity to be able to work with customers as they grow their businesses. We look forward to being their partner for innovative product development and their commercial success.”