Product News: Corning launches Corning MicroDEN automated system for generating dendritic cells

An automated system designed to increase efficiency in cell therapy research

06 Feb 2020

Corning Incorporated has announced the launch of Corning® MicroDEN, an automated perfusion cell culture system that provides a more efficient process for the differentiation of monocytes into dendritic cells than current manual methods.

The Corning® MicroDEN system enables the wide use of dendritic cells in cell and gene therapy for basic and applied research in immunology and immuno-oncology. Developed by Flaskworks, a Boston-based start-up company specializing in technologies for therapeutic cell production, the Corning MicroDEN system is now available from Corning.

The rise of personalized immunotherapies has increased demand for dendritic cells. However, the current process for generating these cells is cumbersome, error-prone, and time intensive. Dendritic cells are key elements in immunology and immunotherapy research in oncology and infectious diseases as well as autoimmune diseases and transplant rejection. The Corning MicroDEN system streamlines the process by minimizing the manual steps, resulting in more consistent yields, a reduced risk of contamination, and more efficient therapy research.

The Corning MicroDEN system is composed of the MicroDEN unit manufactured by Flaskworks, and closed-system consumables manufactured by Corning, such as tissue culture-treated polystyrene flasks, storage bottles, and tubing. The Corning MicroDEN system is jointly branded with Flaskworks and will be marketed, sold, and supported globally by Corning.

“MicroDEN leverages Corning’s strength in cell culture technology and is a strong strategic fit, addressing key emerging needs in cell therapy research and development,” said Keith Olson, vice president, business operations and technology, Corning Life Sciences. “Using MicroDEN for dendritic cell production provides a streamlined approach differentiated from the current manual processes, saving time for our customers.”

“With the growing applications and importance of dendritic cells in immune-therapy research, it is critical that this system be available to investigators globally. Corning's leadership in cell culture and its global footprint make it an ideal partner for Flaskworks' innovative MicroDEN platform,” said Dr. Shashi Murthy, Flaskworks’ founder and Chief Technology Officer.

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