Product News: Corning Announces Expanded Portfolio of Serum-free Cell Culture Media

10 Oct 2012

Corning Incorporated has announced the expansion of Mediatech, Inc.’s serum-free product portfolio with the addition of two new cell culture media.

The Corning® Hepatocyte Maintenance Medium and the Corning stemgro® MSC Medium capitalize on the growing global demand for specifically defined, serum-free media. The media can enable lab researchers to save time, reduce costs, and improve performance when conducting highly specialized bioprocess assays for the development of therapeutics, vaccines, diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals.
The Corning Hepatocyte Maintenance Medium is optimized to cultivate primary human hepatocytes, a well-established in vitro model system for studying preclinical drug-induced liver injury (DILI).

The Corning stemgro MSC Medium was designed for the maximum expansion of human mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) derived from bone marrow, cord blood, or adipose tissue.

“Regulatory requirements, performance, and cost concerns have increasingly led to the development of serum-free media alternatives and their use by researchers worldwide,” said Jason Walsh, business director, Mediatech, Corning Life Sciences. “Our new offerings further expand our portfolio of serum-free media to capitalize on this growing market and focus on our customers’ highly specialized needs.”

Key features and benefits of the Corning Hepatocyte Maintenance Medium include:
• Superior cell health and morphology as they are maintained
• Animal- and serum-free; chemically defined
• Ready-to-use media; does not require thawing or addition of frozen supplements

Key features and benefits of the Corning stemgro MSC Medium include:
• Ability to grow more cells faster
• Animal- and xeno-free; chemically defined
• Saves time and money because no plate-coating is necessary if used with Corning CellBIND® surface tissue culture vessels