Product News: Contamination Free High Throughput Preparation of Media Filled Petri Dishes

08 Jun 2015

The Institut Curie, Paris, France, is a world leader in oncology research. Research work at the Institut Curie requires petri dishes for a wide range of applications including growing bacteria, yeasts and moulds, making it necessary to regularly produce 10 to 12 different types of media in varying quantities. The assurance of reliable, high throughput production of these petri dishes which are free of any contamination is critical to ongoing research work.

The Institut Curie has reported how it has standardised using MEDIACLAVE media preparation and MEDIAJET automated petri dish filling systems from INTEGRA Biosciences to prepare its petri dishes.

Fatima Dekmous, Departmental Head of the Wash facility at Institut Curie commented “I have been preparing media in Petri dishes for over 13 years, and have the pleasure of working closely with the researchers based here at the Institut. The research teams are very well organized and give two to three days' notice of their Petri dish needs. To satisfy their needs, it is very important to be able to rely on the quality of the equipment used. We have been using INTEGRA devices for more than 15 years and most recently acquired a MEDIAJET and MEDIACLAVE with printer. This equipment is a great help in our work in terms of user-friendliness, speed and, above all, reliability. It is compact and easy to use guiding us clearly through handling and diagnostics. Maintenance is also very simple. For us, the printer has proved essential. We process 800 to 1000 dishes a week and, while this saves us time, it is also important to limit handling of the dishes. There has never been any contamination”.

She added “We use vented Petri dishes, which work perfectly with the MEDIAJET automated petri dish filling system. I should also say that, as well as trusting the equipment, I have full confidence in the after-sales service provided by INTEGRA. When you need them, INTEGRA have always been very responsive. I recommend MEDIAJET and MEDIACLAVE for high throughput preparation of top quality media filled petri dishes without hesitation”.