Product News: Complex Cell Signaling Analysis: Out of Core Lab, Onto Lab Bench

23 Sep 2009

Millipore Corporation today announced the introduction of three new FlowCellect™ kits for benchtop flow cytometry. Targeted to key signaling pathways, these kits provide the first complete, validated solution for evaluating complex cell signaling events without sending samples to a core laboratory.

With the FlowCellect kits, scientists have the tools they need to evaluate pathway activation and cross-talk over time or to investigate the correlation between cell signaling events and changes in cell function and health – even without significant flow cytometry experience.

“Flow cytometry is a powerful tool for cell signaling research because it measures multiple parameters on hundreds of cells per second,” said Jason Whalley, who manages Millipore’s flow cytometry products. “These new FlowCellect kits are the first to bring that power right to the laboratory bench top.”

The new FlowCellect cell signaling kits use directly conjugated, phospho-specific antibodies to simultaneously detect protein activation states and cross-talk. Designed for Millipore’s benchtop Guava® flow cytometry systems, these kits deliver more detailed information faster than traditional techniques for studying cell signaling such as western blots, immunohistochemistry, or immunocytochemistry.

The optimized kits include all antibodies, buffers, and other reagents necessary for the assay. By providing a ready-to-use solution for flow cytometry, these kits help scientists unravel the signal transduction pathways involved in key research areas like cancer and autoimmune diseases.