Product News: Complete screening support

11 Jan 2007

ActivityBase XE now provides a total solution for both HTS campaigns and more complex assay types. The latest release includes comprehensive data visualizations as well as suspect data detection – helping users to quickly identify systematic errors in their screening programs.

“…the attraction of the XE module was the ability to perform verification, analysis and visualization within one environment. This greatly improves our workflow for High Throughput Screening, Hit Optimization and Lead Optimization.”

“The designer element of XE, being linked to the context of experiments, reduces the time and effort associated with template maintenance. This means we can spend more time analyzing data, and less time developing analysis templates.”

- Dr Steven van Helden - Organon

ActivityBase XE - the highway to all screening - high throughput to high-content, providing:
  • complete curve analysis
  • suspect data detection
  • contextually rich data environment
  • complete visualizations
  • flexible template creation/maintenance

Come and see it in action at the technology workshop at LabAutomation 2007, or download one of the illustrative video clips from the IDBS website to learn more.