Product News: Comet Assay IV now connects to QImaging QCAM cameras

21 Feb 2007

In line with our policy of increasing the compatibility of Comet Assay IV with industry-leading CCD cameras, we have now developed an interface that allows people to use Comet Assay IV with QImaging’s range of cameras.

QImaging cameras are proving a popular choice for microscopy applications, and if you are already using the camera for another application in your laboratory, you can now use it with Comet Assay IV. The interface to the QImaging cameras is fully featured, giving you a live video image onscreen that mirrors what you see by looking down the microscope's eyepiece. Any refocusing or stage movements performed at the microscope level will be shown live on screen without any lag or delay.

If you want to find out more about Comet Assay IV, please visit the article webpage for information and a free trial download of the software.