Product News: Combining High Resolution with High Throughput

11 Oct 2018

Lab automation and high throughput screening are being raised to the next level with ibidi’s latest labware development, the µ-Plate 384 Well Clear. 

This novel microtiter plate combines automated cell cultivation with high-resolution microscopy. The flat, thin polymer coverslip bottom allows for excellent cell adhesion onto the tissue culture-treated surface. For the highest quality images, the optical properties of the polymer bottom are comparable to those of glass. The innovative µ-Plate 384 Well Clear helps researchers in the automated laboratory save time and money when performing diverse microscopy techniques without any disturbing autofluorescence.

With a 50 µl volume per well, the µ-Plate 384 Well Clear is ideally suited for high throughput applications. It meets all of the requirements of the ANSI/SLAS standard, and is therefore compatible with various pipetting robots, imaging systems, and microplate readers. Scientists who would like to test the µ-Plate 384 Well Clear in their own experiments can request free samples at