Product News: CLC bio joins the RNA revolution

02 Jul 2007

CLC bio has just released major updates to their popular family of bioinformatics software workbenches, expanding the family with the brand new CLC RNA Workbench. The newcomer in CLC bio's workbench family focuses on RNA secondary structure prediction, using state-of-the-art free energy minimization algorithms - and is the first to offer an integrated and professional solution for RNA research.

Chief Scientific Officer at CLC bio, Dr. Bjarne Knudsen, states,
RNA research is undergoing a fundamental change these years, as scientists have realized that RNA is as vital as DNA and Proteins - and may even function as the cell's operating system, to draw a computing analogy. New discoveries are also continuously appearing from molecular virology where the form and function of RNA structures has proved to be of paramount importance in the life-cycle of viruses such as SARS, HIV, Polio- and Hepatitis virus. In consequence a whole new level of understanding has opened in fields such as virology, pathology, molecular biology and genomics, and that is why RNA research is at the frontier of biological research today.

With CLC RNA Workbench, CLC bio offers a solution which will help RNA researchers to a considerably more efficient workflow, and thereby also save precious time in the research phases. Furthermore, researchers will get better quality in the results, due to the easy and user-friendly access to the cutting edge algorithms included in this new workbench. CLC bio offers a free 30-day trial of CLC RNA Workbench which can be downloaded from the article webpage. 

The major release implies that all CLC bio's workbenches have been improved and numerous new features have been added, to the benefit of the more than 40,000 users around the globe who already use CLC bio's solutions - as well as upcoming customers.

CLC bio's premier software solution, CLC Combined Workbench, contains all features from CLC Free Workbench, CLC Protein Workbench, and CLC DNA Workbench (formerly known as CLC Gene Workbench); hence it now also covers all features from the new CLC RNA Workbench, and offers even more value for money as the price has not increased.