Product News: CLC bio and University of Copenhagen Sign Site License Agreement

11 Mar 2008

CLC bio and Department of Biology, Faculty of Science at University of Copenhagen, have signed a site license agreement for CLC bio's premier bioinformatics software solution, CLC Combined Workbench, in combination with CLC bio's Educational Suite. The deal runs for five years and is for several hundred seats, giving every researcher, student and teacher access to the software at all times.

The Head of Department of Biology at University of Copenhagen, Professor Dr. Lene Lange states,
'We chose CLC bio as our solution provider as CLC Combined Workbench provides cutting edge algorithms and analyses of a high scientific standard, which is fundamental for our research. Also the wide range of tools available in this single application will eliminate a lot of tedious tasks, importing, exporting, and converting data between various applications - and thus help us improve our workflow, freeing up valuable time for research. We're also looking forward to using CLC Educational Suite as a solid backbone for our bioinformatics courses.'

University of Copenhagen's Department of Biology is organized in different Research Centers which are involved in international top tier research collaborations. They are funded from sources like the European Union and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, among others. The many projects range from retrieval of ancient DNA from fossils (Center for Ancient Genetics), bioinformatics, gene regulations and SNP (Cancer Research), complex dependent mutations, primates genome evolution (The Genomics Group), whole genome sequencing of hyperthermophilic archaea bacteria (Archaea Biology Group), muscle biology (Copenhagen Muscle Research Center) to studies of how climate changes affects distribution of life on Earth (Center for Macroecology).

CLC Combined Workbench is a comprehensive software solution for advanced DNA, RNA, and protein analyses, containing all features of CLC DNA Workbench, CLC RNA Workbench, and CLC Protein Workbench in one, integrated software package. The program will replace the whole range of outdated and expensive tools, which the research centers have been using previously. CLC Combined Workbench is available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.