Product News: Bruker Significantly Strengthens Its Industry Leading MALDI Molecular Imager Solution

04 Jun 2013

Strengthening its position as the leading provider of MALDI imaging solutions, Bruker Daltonics has announced a landmark upgrade to flexImaging software platform. Besides state-of-art MALDI mass spectrometers (MALDI-TOF and MALDI-FTMS), flexImaging™ software is the centerpiece of Bruker’s MALDI molecular imager solution. It has set standards with its ease of use, the integration with virtual microscopy and advanced statistical data handling.

The latest version flexImaging™ 4.0 is another major step forward in the MALDI imaging user experience: Improvements in acquisition speed, spatial resolutions of up to 10µm pixel size and extreme mass resolutions, MALDI imaging datasets are constantly increasing in size. flexImaging is now available as native 64-bit software that can handle and directly compare even very large datasets with ease. flexImaging now also features an integrated spatial segmentation pipeline that performs hierarchical clustering on large datasets of up to 120 000 spectra. This allows a semi-automated concise and fast annotation of the high-dimensional data. flexImaging™ also integrates with the recently announced SCiLS lab™ software, the new statistical backend for the analysis of Bruker MALDI imaging datasets. This further enhances the value of Bruker’s MALDI molecular imager solution for the customers.

Dr. Sören-Oliver Deininger, market manager for MALDI imaging at Bruker, says: “The new version of flexImaging™ is a major improvement for our MALDI molecular imager solution. It brings a new level of performance and productivity and to our customers”.
Note: Bruker MALDI imaging systems and solutions are for research use only (RUO).