Product News: Bruker introduces novel point-of-need applied mass spectrometry tools for accelerated measurements without chromatography

17 Jun 2022

At ASMS 2022, Bruker Corporation extends the power of mass spectrometry inside and outside the laboratory to Point-of-Need (PoN) analysis with the introduction of the DART-EVOQ® triple quadrupole mass spectrometer for high-throughput quantitative analyses. The DART-EVOQ does not require chromatography separations for applied markets analysis in food/beverage, forensics, industrial, security, environmental and pharmaceutical workflows.

In April 2022, Bruker acquired IonSense, a leader in ambient ionization and developer of the DART™ ionization source that can analyze many types of samples, including solids, liquids and gases, in seconds with little to no sample preparation prior to analysis. DART technology removes time-consuming steps to rapidly identify and quantify sample analytes. DART enables novel PoN workflows that are challenging for conventional GC- and LC-mass specs because of the complexity, long analysis times and reduced robustness of front-end chromatography that is required for complex mixture analysis.

With DART in its portfolio, Bruker announces first applications with the launch of the DART-EVOQ system that extends applicability and performance for fast PoN mass spec measurements. DART-EVOQ users can rapidly identify samples, including many that do not ionize well using other methods. Innovative applications for combined DART-triple quad mass spectrometry include trace level volatile quantitation in grape harvests.

Dr. Gavin Sacks, Department of Food Science at Cornell University, observed: “The good correlations between GC-MS and DART-MS data suggest that the latter could be used as a rapid point-of-need alternative with ~30 sec/sample, compared to conventional GC-MS with typically ~30 min/sample analysis times. The combination of DART with triple quad mass spectrometers brings the potential of highly sensitive and selective point-of-need analyses into the hands of a broader range of users.”

In May 2022, Bruker announced a strategic partnership with TOFWERK AG for high-speed, ultra-sensitive applied and industrial analytical solutions, in conjunction with a Bruker minority investment. TOFWERK’s instruments are used in applications such as ambient air monitoring, breath analysis (for research use only), food and flavor analysis, and for airborne molecular contamination (AMC) monitoring in the semiconductor industry.

Dr. Marc Gonin, co-founder and CEO of TOFWERK, said: “We are excited to work closely with Bruker and IonSense to further accelerate the commercialization of compact, high-speed TOF-MS solutions for industrial and applied markets, based on ultra-high sensitivity and point-of-need analysis technologies developed at TOFWERK and Bruker.”

Bruker has a strong heritage in mass spectrometry in life sciences and applied markets such as food, environmental, forensics, industrial and clinical, e.g., with the MALDI Biotyper™ as the leading clinical mass spectrometry platform, with over 5000 systems in use in microbiology worldwide.

“Our expertise in developing novel workflows to overcome challenges faced by our customers is second to none,” commented Juergen Srega, the Bruker CALID Group President. “Our new Point-of-Need introductions again extend mass spec capabilities beyond traditional laboratory settings. We aim to be a leader in PoN mass spec solutions that enable simple and fast analyses, wherever they are needed. Our strategic investments, and the launch of the DART-EVOQ are important steps towards this goal.”

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