Product News: Brooks Life Science Systems Introduces BioStore™ IIIv, the Industry’s First - 80°C LN2 Automated Storage System for Biological Samples

19 May 2017

Brooks Life Science Systems has announced the global launch of BioStore IIIv, the world’s only -80°C LN2 automated storage system for biological samples. BioStore IIIv combines the advanced technology that has made Brooks Life Science Systems a worldwide leader in automated sample management with the industry-leading performance of Chart® Vario™ LN2 freezers.  

“The BioStore IIIv adds breadth to our line of automated storage solutions, as it gives users the ability to bring together the best in sample security, data management and inventory control, all with the touch of a button,” said David Lewandowski, Product Marketing Manager, Brooks Life Science Systems. “This product is a natural fit for customers with high value, temperature sensitive biological samples, who are looking to protect their irreplaceable sample assets with the security and efficiencies of LN2 storage while achieving the benefit of a pathway to automation at -80°C and other ultra-low temperatures.”

The BioStore IIIv is designed for automatic retrieval of samples with a few taps of the screen, in as a little as 60 seconds.  An insulating tower prevents sample warming of targeted and non-targeted tubes when a source rack is removed from the system. The system can be used with a wide variety of labware types including cryoboxes, SBS racks and blood bag cassettes. The BioStore IIIv has the capacity to hold more than 120,000 1.0mL FluidX™ Cryotubes or 63,000 2.0 mL FluidX™ Cryotubes or other similar sized labware. In addition, the BioStore IIIv offers an emergency hold time that is 16 times longer than traditional mechanical freezers, and prevents the significant warming of innocent biological material that can occur while accessing samples.

The BioStore IIIv is the latest in a series of ultra-low and cryo temperature storage and logistics innovations from Brooks Life Science Systems that include the BioStore III Cryo -190°C automated storage system, as well as, the portable CryoPod™ Carrier and the CryoPod Filling Station that enables -150°C local sample transport. 

Brooks Life Science Systems will be exhibiting the new BioStore IIIv at their booth during the International Society of Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) Conference, being held May 9-12, 2017 in Toronto.