Product News: Brooks Introduces TempAura Remote Temperature Monitoring for Small, Distributed Biosample Storage

Brooks Introduces TempAura Remote Temperature Monitoring for Small, Distributed Biosample Storage

27 Jan 2016

Brooks Automation, a global provider of automated sample storage systems for compound management and biorepositories, has introduced TempAuraTM remote sample temperature monitoring.

The solution’s do-it-yourself installation, simple operation, and Web-based data portal permit immediate response when sample conditions exceed tolerances.

“TempAura is the only solution that brings easy to use, affordable sample temperature monitoring to small, highly distributed biosample and compound storage facilities,” said Dusty Tenney, president, Brooks Life Science Systems. “Now, researchers can ensure sample quality and integrity with a Brooks solution that is easy to own, simple to install, and effortless to use.”

TempAura is designed for small research laboratories where real-time tracking and maintaining sample temperature, viability, and integrity has not been affordable or feasible. The solution features easy, do-it-yourself installation with no software to install. Its plug-and-play networking and wireless connectivity simplify set up. Data and reports are preconfigured in a Web-based customer portal that is easily accessible from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

TempAura sensors also can be attached to sample transport devices for in-transit monitoring in areas covered by the solution’s Wi-Fi network. Door sensors alert researchers when freezers are left open or are being accessed.

The solution offers the following benefits:

  • Allows quick access to data
  • Permits fast response to out of specification conditions
  • Enables real-time regulatory checks without having to access freezer
  • Helps meet sample quality audits and assessments
  • Is easily scalable and expandable
  • Measures temperature from ambient to cryogenic conditions

The low-priced TempAura Explorer Pack comes with 10 wireless remote temperature sensors, two door access sensors, and two wireless network gateways.

Brooks will begin accepting orders for the solution in February 2016. For more information, visit their website.