Product News: BrandTech Scientific to Feature its Latest Lab Tools for Life Sciences at ASCB 2009

01 Dec 2009

BrandTech will display it’s complete line of laboratory tools and equipment including: BRAND® liquid handling products, microplates and life science plastics, VITLAB® volumetric and general plastic labware; VACUUBRAND® oil free, chemistry resistant vacuum pumps and BOCHEM stainless steel laboratory support jacks. Visit booth 1039 to find out more.

New products featured will include BRANDplates® microplates and the Titrette® bottletop burette. BRANDplates® are a comprehensive line of 96-, 386- and 1536-well microplates available in clear, white and black, with opaque or transparent, flat, round, V and C -well bottoms. They are offered in a variety of surface treatments for cell-culture, immunoassays, fluorescence, luminescence and high-throughput screening. In total, 132 different plates are available. The BRAND Titrette® is the world’s first bottletop burette to provide titration within ASTM and ISO error limits for Class A glass burettes. The Titrette® is suitable for most titrants in concentrations up to 1 mol/L, and is an excellent choice for general chemistry, wastewater treatment applications, food/beverage analysis, industrial titrations, environmental fieldwork and more.

Additional products on display will include Transferpette® single, multichannel, manual and electronic pipettes; HandyStep® Repeating pipettes; accu-jet® pro motorized pipette controllers for cell/tissue culture; PCR tubes, strips and plates; disposable UV-Cuvettes for DNA/RNA; Dispensette III bottletop dispensers; VITLAB® Class A Volumetric plastic labware.