Product News: Pipette controller with enhanced comfort and precise control

01 Dec 2021

The new BRAND® accu-jet® S pipette controller, from BrandTech® Scientific, Inc., stands alone as a versatile and well-balanced addition to any lab. It makes lab work simple, easy and efficient, whether it is used for cell culture work, reagent preparation, or general pipetting.  

Adjust power and precision on the fly, with pressure sensitive buttons that smoothly control pipetting speed, and achieve precise meniscus control when used with pipettes as small as 0.1 mL. The new well-balanced design features an ergonomic grip for comfortable uninterrupted use, and the integrated rest position allows the controller to be put down without sacrificing the cleanliness or sterility of the serological pipette.

The accu-jet S builds on the highly popular accu-jet pro.  Like the accu-jet pro, the new accu-jet S offers extended battery life and can be charged while in use. The new accu-jet S additionally includes the capability to sit in a ‘rest position’ when not in use and enhanced ergonomics for more comfortable pipetting. 

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